Creation Coffee


Creation is beautiful. To see something come from nothing is a remarkable part of our world. Our company exists to fuel this creation. So whether you’re creating a beautiful painting, a beautiful spreadsheet, or a new relationship, our desire is to bring you a cup of coffee that will help make that experience beautiful.

We desire to create exceptional coffee, meaningful relationships with our partners and a better world. Accomplishing these three goals is our mission, and it’s what drives everything we do. It’s the reason we exclusively source specialty grade, sustainably grown, and responsibly sourced coffees. It’s the reason we roast everything with meticulous precision and care. And it’s the reason we provide unmatched support to all our our coffee partners.

No matter if you’re brewing a pot at home for Sunday brunch or running a full service coffee shop, we’re here to help make that the best experience possible for you.

Let there be coffee.

Sourcing Coffee

All the coffee we roast is considered specialty grade, which means it must reach a certain level of quality at the farm. Less than 5% of all the coffee produced in the world is specialty grade. Because of all the care that goes into producing this coffee, we pay at least double the fair trade minimums for our green coffee.

Roasting Coffee

Roasting coffee is an intricate balance of art and science. The science is in understanding and managing the dozens of chemical reactions that take place within the beans during the roasting process. The art is in applying this understanding to every coffee we source—unlocking the unique characteristics found in coffees from different regions. We do this with the utmost care to ensure quality and consistency from batch to batch. This makes it simple for you to brew and serve incredible coffee every time.

Partner Support

Our relationship with our partners doesn’t end once the coffee is in their hands. We work tirelessly to make sure you have everything you need to make delicious coffee, simply and consistently. Whether you need barista training, help choosing the right equipment, or want to brainstorm ways to make your coffee program the best it possibly can be—we’re only a phone call, email, or text message away. We’re here for you.