Creation Coffee


Create Great Coffee: Hario V60



1. Set dripper on mug or carafe and place filter in dripper. Rinse filter thoroughly with hot water. This removes the papery taste from the filter and pre-heats your vessel.

2. Discard the rinse water from the carafe or mug and grind 26g of coffee to about the same consistency as table salt. Put coffee in filter, shaking it gently to make sure the bed of grounds is flat. Place dripper on top of carafe or mug. Tare your scale to zero.

3. Start timer and saturate the dry grounds completely with 60g of hot water, completing the pour within 10 seconds. Stir the coffee with a spoon to make sure no grounds are left dry (optional, but optimal). If your coffee is fresh, you'll see it "bloom" or bubble up as gasses are being released.

4. At 0:40, pour water slowly in a spiral motion. You'll pour continuously up to 400g of water, completing your pour around 2:00. Try to aim for dark spots on the surface of the water.

5. As the coffee is draining, grip the dripper and give the coffee a swirl to make sure no grounds get stuck on the sides of the filter. You want all the grounds to be making contact with water throughout the entire brewing process.

6. Your coffee should finish dripping through at around 2:45. If your timing is different or if your coffee isn't tasting right, check out our article on grinding coffee for troubleshooting tips.