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When people ask us how to brew better coffee, getting the grind right is always at the top of our suggestion list. With that, here are a few tips and tricks to help you master this key part of delicious coffee.

Fresh coffee.  Freshly ground coffee is a must. Oxygen is the enemy of freshness, and the minute coffee is ground there is exponentially more surface area being exposed to oxygen, accelerating the staling process. We recommend grinding coffee at home right before brewing. 

Burr is better. In general, burr grinders are better than blade grinders. Blade grinders unevenly chop and shatter coffee beans, while burr grinders give you a more even grind size. When you have a large variation of particle size in your grind, you brew coffee that is both over-extracted (from the extra fine particles) and under-extracted (from the extra coarse particles). An even grind ensures even extraction which will make your coffee taste better.

Dial it in. Grind size affects the surface area of coffee that is exposed to water. Smaller particles will have more contact with water, and thus extract more quickly—and vice versa. If your coffee is tasting overly bitter or harsh, it may be over-extracted. In that case, try adjusting your grind to be more coarse. If your coffee is tasting sour and lacks depth of flavor, it may be under-extracted. In this case, try adjusting your grind finer. Experiment away, and find the grind setting that suits your taste.

Step up your game. We carry Baratza electric grinders because of their quality, consistency, and solid customer support track record. The grinders are repairable and Baratza stocks all replacement parts. Baratza even offers a grinder repair program which allows you to refurbish your grinder for a flat fee if you don’t want to do the work yourself. Click here to shop.

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