Creation Coffee


Create Great Coffee: French Press



  • French Press

  • Creation Coffee

  • Hot water, just off the boil (about 205 F)

  • Spoon

  • Timer

1. Determine how much coffee you want to make, based on the size of your french press.

2. Measure out the corresponding amount of coffee. Use 2 Tbsp of coffee for every 8 oz of water.
(For a standard 8-cup french press you’ll need approximately 8 Tbsp. or 55 grams)

3. Grind coffee, about the consistency of sea salt.

4. Place coffee in french press. Pour in all the water at once.

5. Stir the grounds in the water. Keep an eye on the "crust" that might form on the surface of the water. Break up the crust every now and then if necessary. 

6. Let grounds steep for 4:00.

7. Plunge french press and pour coffee into mug or decanter. Don't let the water sit on top of the grounds for too long or your coffee will become bitter.

8. Taste and make adjustments for next time. If your coffee is bitter or harsh, try grinding coarser or steeping shorter. If it's sour and thin, try a finer grind or longer steep. You can adjust the strength of your coffee by using more or fewer coffee grounds. Enjoy!