Creation Coffee


Create Great Coffee: Auto Drip



  • Automatic coffee maker
  • Filter
  • Creation Coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Scale or Tablespoon scoop
  • Coffee grinder (optional, but optimal)

1. Determine how much coffee you want to brew. Most coffee makers have marks for 8oz cups. Use filtered water, if possible. Brewed coffee is mostly water, so bad water = bad coffee!

2. Measure out the corresponding amount of coffee. If you're using a scale, weigh out 15g of coffee for every 8oz of water. If you don't have a scale, use 2 Tbsp for every 8 oz of water.

3. Grind your coffee to about the same consistency as kosher salt. You want the grind particles to be as even as possible. This can be tough to do with a blade grinder, so we recommend using a burr grinder. (Click here to shop our recommended grinder)

4. Place ground coffee in filter and brew.

5. Taste and enjoy! Make adjustments for the next pot, if necessary. If your coffee is bitter or harsh, try grinding coarser next time. If it's sour or thin, try grinding finer. If it's too strong, use less coffee. If it's too weak, use more coffee.